Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Time Honored Tradition

Last night my parents came over to my house, and we performed a time honored family tradition. It's roots begin in young childhood, and are ingrained in the fabric of my family.

Cleaning out junk.

You thought I was going all serious, not so much.

Yes, I grew up in a family with a great distaste for excess. My parents have little to no knick-knacks. Their kitchen counters are sterile (except for one neat candy jar and a pad of paper). Their closets hold only the most critical and commonly worn clothing items. My parents have a huge, unfinished basement, with almost no items stored (except for those my sister and I have left behind). 

Generally, I am pretty good, and keep my house in a similar fashion, but there is one area which is not so good. My closet. I am terrible at getting rid of clothes. And so, my mom came over, we sat in the closet and went through every article of clothing to determine what needed to find a new home.

Item by item we critiqued its fit, condition, style and need.
We found that:
  • As it turns out, I don't really need a purple suede jacket that my mom bought for me mid-high school for the High Holidays services.
  • Shoes that give you blisters each time you wear them, regardless of their cuteness, don't have a place in one's closet.
  • When a cotton shirt gets those little white balls of fuzz on them (and you all know what I'm talking about), it is time for them to go away.
  • Vests are not in fashion anymore. Nor have they been for a very long time.
  • I am never allowed to buy another long sleeve, black shirt again. Ever. I had a friend in high school that once told me, "Don't buy anything that fulfills a category in your closet that you have already completed." For example, if you have one blue, 3/4 length sleeve shirt, don't buy another just because this one is slightly different due to it's stitching detail. It's the same darn shirt. Buy something different. If you go home, and everything looks the same - that's the reason. You keep fulfilling the same darn category. And I am the queen of this. 
Quite a productive little project. I highly recommend it. It's a great activity on one of those days where you hate everything in your closet. And if you need help, my mom and I are pretty good closet cleaner-outers.

I am critical, and she has no mercy for signs of wear.

Less is more people, less is more.


C Bott said...

I did this during my last move. Now my issue is that I am without enough tops to compliment the bottoms I own plenty of............Shopping it is!

Kristin said...

Oh man. I'm afraid to know what I'd find if I dug through my closet.