Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We have turned a corner...

Today my wonderful husband turns the big 3-0!!!!  Old man. It's a big milestone, and that must be the corner that was turned (based on the title of this post). However, that is not the corner in question.

Several weeks ago I asked Jeremy to make a birthday list. He emailed the list to me and I read it. It has the typical 'Jeremy items'...
  • New briefcase
  • Personal training gift certificate
  • Gift Cards (Nordstrom, other men's stores, Home Depot)
Yes, that is the corner. Jeremy requested Home Depot gift cards for his birthday.
Yes, Jeremy Frank, requested Home Depot gift cards.
We have turned a corner.
I laughed for days.
Yes, days.
This is the guy who thought I was totally insane for considering painting one accent wall myself. He's now a regular handy man. Well, getting there. This is what home ownership does to you.

However, in our heart of hearts, we would still like one of these (photo taken of a ladder I was looking at)....
Yes, read this carefully.....

It is a ladder that comes equipped with a user. Jeremy may be the guy who now requests Home Depot gift cards, but we'd still much rather have a ladder that comes with a user included.

Do you think I could write a letter of complaint saying that the user has not showed up?
Dear Ladder company,
I bought this ladder that says it comes with a user, but nobody is here to change my light bulb. I'm very disappointed.
Yours Truly, 

I might be waiting a while.


Scorpicon said...

I'm looking at the slightly less fancier model that just comes with a ladder.

Anonymous said...

Ha- I think that may be in reference to the weight rating- but carry on. Home Depot sux btw.


By Golly, Kara.....it does say it includes a user so you are absolutely right! I think you have a cause of action there. (The other commentors are being just too logical) :)