Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art Update

Well...we are making great progress on the decorating/art front in our house! Woo hoo.

I thought we would forever live in a home with Benjamin Moore color #1529 (Sting Ray) walls and perhaps an accent wall of Benjamin Moore color #2116-20 (Vintage Wine) devoid of any accoutrements.

Not so!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have a great aversion to random art. Every once in a while I see something at Target/Ikea/Home Goods that is fun, pretty or makes me smile, and then it's a winner. However, generally, it seems odd to buy a faux giclee of flowers in a field that mean nothing to me. That is not to say I like expensive art. In fact...these particular pieces are some of my favorite...
But that makes me laugh. Because how hilarious are they? And I've always loved cows...and our last name is Frank...hot dog...get it? Fun!

So here is how we have progressed with the art in our home...

A local brewery opened up in Minneapolis, and while I thought their beer was delicious, what I really loved was the label on their beer. It was a beautiful picture of Lake Harriet with the Minneapolis skyline in the background. After about a month of stalking the brewery to find the artist, I finally found him. And, he was actually one of the owners! I chatted with him for a while, and he agreed to paint a replica for me because I loved it so much! Here is a link to his website...http://www.jessebrodd.com/. He is very talented, and his stuff is even more beautiful in real life.

And here it is at our home!

Our second new art addition is also a local artist. One random Sunday, after brunch with some friends, we decided to go to a craft show at the State Fair. Yes, I understand that sounds very Minnesotan, but this was more of an etsy.com like craft show. And this girl, she loves etsy.com. So, we went, and in fact, it was quite fun!   I fell in love with these screen printed prints of the Warehouse District/Northeast Minneapolis. It is one of my favorite parts of town, and also the site of a lot of Minnesota business history.

And so, they are art addition #2...

They're still a bit small for the wall. So (don't tell Jeremy), but they might find a new home in our house if we can find something larger for that wall. For the time being, they're happy in their new home.

And finally, this is less in the art category, more in the exciting find section...but I found a new end table for our family room!

Don't tell anyone (except all of the people who read this blog), but it is really supposed to be a garden stool. I don't really even know what a garden stool is.
I don't go in the garden to sit on a stool.
And this stool is too high to sit on it and pick weeds (which is what I do in the garden).
And so....it is too beautiful to be a 'garden stool' and so it is now an end table.
(note Punky running past the camera in the foreground). With the addition of felt pads on the bottom, so the ceramic did not scratch the floors, this lovely garden stool is my new end table!
I am in end table love!
It's true.
A love affair with an unintentional end table.

So there you have it...an update on the decor situation in our house. I know you were waiting with baited breath. The wait is over!


C Bott said...

I was just discussing your art situation and my painting from you and Jer with a friend here!

What is the name of the person who did the screen prints you purchased?

Kara Frank said...

yes! This is the artist who did the NE prints