Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have this strange love of selling things. It's truly abnormal. I hate buying old things, but I LOVE selling them.

Cases in point:

7 year old sofa and chaise lounge set. Purchased in college. Enjoyed for many years. Didn't fit in the new house. Housed many, many friends overnight on this sofa.
Purchased for $799     Sold on Craig's list for $600

Jeremy's sofa which he purchased as a bachelor without sitting on. Yes, he purchased a sofa without ever sitting on it before he bought it. I think they must have secretly tried to discourage people from trying it out before purchasing. The buyer sees how pretty it is, and don't discover how horribly uncomfortable it is. It was terrible. And yet, we used it for about a year after he moved in with me. Punky enjoyed chewing the leg. That was the only enjoyable thing about this sofa.
Purchased $800   Sold on Craig's List $700

Coach sneakers. Once, these babies were oh, so cool. "C's" emblazoned upon the shoes. I thought I was pretty hot when I wore these at one time.
Purchased circa 2001 on clearance for somewhere around $50        Sold on eBay in 2010 for $49

Yes, I love selling things on ebay and Craig's list. Buying things? Not my deal. But selling it.

It's strange, I know. I think it stems from a great distaste for excess. I hate having extra stuff around (my parents influence). Extra furniture, clothing, knick knacks, drive me insane. But throwing things away also drives me insane. And so....I love to sell.

In case you are wondering, this blog has no real purpose, except to tell you that I love to sell things. And if you want me to do so for you, I will gladly oblige. You can stop reading now if you want. I have a more fun blog post coming up, but I forgot to take photos last night. Stay tuned. It will get more exciting than selling things. I hope.

My current items for sale:
2 hair straighteners that came free when I purchased my new, amazing, life altering hair straightener. Why would a person want 2 free hair straighteners when they purchase 1? I'm not sure. But if you are Kara, you find it a great opportunity to sell the other two, and recoup the cost of the amazing, life altering hair straightener.

SOLD: 4 tickets for the U2 concert coming up later this month. We purchased these tickets 2 1/2 years ago. Our friend Debra had just started dating this guy, who didn't want to go to the show. They have now been married for 6 months.  But we sold the tickets for a boat load of money. WIN!

Okay, I'm done boring you with my stories of selling random crap. But take it as a reminder that one man's trash, is another man's treasure. There is always a buyer out there for your random junk. You just have to know where to find them. And I don't recommend calling it "junk" whilst trying to sell said items. And if you need help selling it, let me know. I'm running out of things to sell. Next thing you know, these two will be on eBay.

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Dad Jay said...

My Grandpuppies are NOT For Sale.