Monday, July 25, 2011

Travel Photos

Weekend Craft Project...contain your excitement. It's a fun one though. Even Jeremy thought it was pretty cool.

I was looking for a way to display our travel pictures, in an easy, simple way, that did not require hanging or buying a bunch of frames, lining them up, planning for more to come in the future etc... That sounded annoying. Furthermore, I wanted to be able to switch them out easily and frequently.

So this is what I came up with...
I purchased a cool old antique frame at this shop near my office. It was the perfect shape and size, but needed a bit of TLC.
It was long, rectangular, and did not have a glossy finish, which would make it easier to refinish. It also had some cool wormholes and marks which made it look pretty awesome. In a wormhole kind-of way.
I  purchased a standard paint for wood and brushed it on using a foam brush. At first I thought I wanted it to be a light coat of paint, and quickly decided that the color of the original wood was pretty ugly, so I should do two full coats, and distress it if I wanted it to look a little less perfect. 
(After two coats of paint)
 Once it was dry, I took a piece of medium gauge sandpaper and roughed up the edges a bit to look a little 'time-worn'. I'm not usually much of an 'aged look' person, but I think it softens up a modern look, and seemed really appropriate for displaying photos of the past.

Once we moved into our house, we quickly realized that if you buy everything that is exactally your taste, it starts to look a little boring and expected. It helps to mix it up with things that are a little outside of your design box. I found it was really helpful to bring a friend along shopping that had very different taste from yours, but whom you think has great style.
Okay, so here is the crazy simple part. You hang a piece of picture wire from the back, at your desired tension...

hang some of these (which you can buy at any fabric store - they're curtain clips)

Hang it on the wall...and organize your photos! Seriously, one of the easiest projects I have done in a long time, and it looks awesome.

Give it a shot! It's a really fun, and very simple project. Sure you can buy stuff that is along the same lines, but where's the fun in that?


Mel said...

Love it! I have been thinking of something to do with an old, distressed, long piece of beadboard siding I have. Now I just have to print some pictures I love. I'll take pics for you.

Julia Anderson said...

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