Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear Blog readers,

So my typical blog posts are a mix of complete nothing-ness, random stories, and happenstance information that I share for no particular reason. However, today's post is different.

I have volunteered for several years for an organization based in Minneapolis called the Jeremiah Program (http://www.jeremiahprogram.org/)   It is an incredible organization that works to break the cycle of poverty for young, single mothers. Jeremiah provides a holistic support system for women of high-potential seeking higher education, including affordable housing, Life Skills education, Empowerment training and early childhood education for their children.

I love the premise of Jeremiah, and I have enjoyed getting to know the mothers and spending time with their babies. They are completely inspiring and they are true examples of the power of education.

So...one of the things I do for Jeremiah is to help plan the annual Bullfrog Bash. This event is attended by 700+ guests and is held at the Depot in Minneapolis (November 12, 2011). I am planning the silent auction portion of this event for the 3rd year, and am looking for silent auction donations....

So...if you like reading my blog (which I hope you do), please donate to our silent auction! Even if you don't live in Minnesota, please consider donating. Out of state items (vacation homes, chef dinners at restaurants, actual items) are so greatly appreciated. Or, if you would like to attend the event either individually, or consider sponsoring a table, let me know and I can help you with that as well. 

The sky is the limit in terms of silent auction donations, think creatively...here are some ideas....
  • Private tour of a fire department with a fire fighter and a ride on the truck
  • Tech items (iPad, kindle, Kinekt etc...)
  • Donate your vacation home/cabin for a week
  • Gift certificates
  • Tour of a police department/government office/courthouse and activity with the person
  • Anyone know retired Gopher/Twins/Vikings/Wild/Olympic athletes? Lunch with an athlete
  • A round of golf at XYZ country club
  • Private Yoga/Pilates/spin class and cocktails for a group of friends
Okay, enough of the ideas, but please, please consider donating, or ask your company if they would consider donating! If you have an idea you would like to run by me - just post a message. It is an incredible organization and I am working very hard on this benefit. I would really, really appreciate your support.

(Did I say pretty please yet?)

Thank you very much,



Mel said...

I have had the opportunity to volunteer for the Jeremiah Program as well as seeing first hand how it can empower women as one of my dear friends is a graduate of the Program. It is a great place and I have been thinking for a long time that I need to go back over there and volunteer my time. If you have anything for me to do please let me know - I'd love to help. I'll put some feelers out for some donation items too.

Kara Frank said...

Thank you so much for your help Mel!! Let me know if you need help/letters/info.

I often participate in their cook for kids program, and bring dinner over for the moms and kids so they have one less thing to do at night. I'll let you know next time and you can come along, or bring a course (I usually split the courses up amongst my family/friends and we each bring something for the dinner).

Thank you thank you!! xoxo

Robyn said...

Let me know when you go and I'll join you. I love volunteering there. The moms and the kids are so fun I always have a smile on my face when I leave!!!