Friday, August 19, 2011

Just Call me Martha

So I have this secret dream of being Martha Stewart.

Not like in the obstructing justice sense, nor in her reportedly awful personality type of way, but in the crafty/cook/gardener way. So I'd like to be Martha Stewart, but without all the baggage.

And in my qwest, I have created a garden. It's pretty impressive. Prepare to be wowed.

Wait for it....

Wait for it...

Yes, this is my lovely garden. (p.s. don't look in the background of my picture, where we still lack grass. That is very un-Martha like. She would totally have grass.)

Yep, I know you are all pretty darn amazed at the beauty of my garden. But really, it is pretty awesome. I planted this year in a 'raised bed planter'.  This serves a couple of purposes: it keeps the bunnies etc... out of my garden, it means I do not have to till up a section of my lawn and ruin the turf (that is assuming I had grass. For normal people, this would be nice.), and it is at my level, so there is no bending, for weeding and pruning. Brilliant. Love it.

We grew 4 varieties of tomatoes, hot peppers, green beans, herbs and a couple of other things that didn't do so well. But seriously, this planter makes gardening for normal people possible (sorry Martha, I'm not quite there yet).

So let me know if you want some tomatoes, they're growing as fast as I can pick them. And they're amazing. Even the convict herself would be proud.

I may not be Martha quite yet, but I grew a mean tomato this year.


Kristin said...

I think tomatoes are disgusting! But, I am super impressed! :)

Scorpicon said...

That's great! We hope to do some gardening next year.

I would like to put in my official request for some Fake Martha tomatoes.

Kara Frank said...

Alex - your request will be granted shortly.

Kristin - you're crazy :-) xo

Rachel Rosen said...

The Rosen's will be happy to help you unload some tomatoes!

I am very impressed with your garden, nicely done girlie!

Robyn said...

If you still have tomatoes left I'll take some too I HATE pulling weeds and have the worst green thumb so I am very impressed.