Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cirque de Soleil has come to town

Our town in fact. Like literally our back yard. Almost. It has arrived about a half mile from our house, and I'm pretty certain it's so large, even if you are reading this in LA, you can see it. Just look hard enough. You'll see the lights of Cavalia (the name of the show).

I recommend that when you say..."CAVALIA", you give it a strong accent on the last part of the name. Jewish people...say it like you would say a Tekiah. Non Jews...see here:

I only recommend that because that is how I think it should sound. There is no real basis for the name, but if you look at the enormous freaking tent, and its monstrous lights, you will probably agree that it needs some accenting in the name.

So anyways, this Cirque de Soleil thing has come to town, and I really, really dislike Cirque. I don't understand it. I want them to say words. I get confused about how they do what they do. I generally think they are some other species rather than human.

HOWEVER, this Cirque involves horses. It is somehow a show with humans doing crazy acrobatics on horses. And it's in my neighborhood. So ya kind-of have to go. Out of sheer curiosity and confusion, I must see these people and their gymnastic feats on horses (and recall that my husband required a helmet just to go on a 2MPH walk on one).

And so, we are going to Cavalia. Expect a full report. If it's good. Well actually, if it's bad you're likely to have a more entertaining report. So maybe you should hope it stinks.

Here goes nothing. Cavalia. (said with the heavy accenting on the ending of the word, remember)

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Rachel Rosen said...

super-duper excited for some human on horse action!! :-)