Friday, September 23, 2011

Favorite Season day #3

So today is really the first day of Fall. And what an appropriate day to end my ode to fall week.

The last item, and this one is really going to make the guys hit that little red X button in the corner...decor.

As has been mentioned about 10,000 times on this blog, Jeremy and I moved into our new house last Thanksgiving. Prior to that, we lived in a condo, and never got that into 'homemaking' shall we call it, because it was a fairly generic condo. But now that we have our house, I'm fairly obsessed with decor. In an unhealthy way.

Last Saturday, Jeremy asked me what I wanted to do, and I replied, "Shop for Fall decor". He looked at me, like aliens had run off with my brain. I informed him that we were going to find some things to Fall-ize our house.

And, being the pretty awesome husband that he is, off we went to shop for Fall decor. We hit up Home Goods, the greatest store ever, to find some accessories.

I was really pulling for the Pilgrim statutes, and the warty gourds...
Jeremy was more into the sticks and pumpkins.

Regardless, it's all pretty fantastic.  We ended up compromising and purchasing a warty gourd, pumpkin-head sculpture thing, fall-ish vase and stick bundle thing.

You have to remember, we don't celebrate Christmas. So this whole decorating for a themed occasion thing, is pretty foreign to us. I grew up in a family that called, re-using old shelving from a family business, decorating. (sorry Mom...I outed you on your choice of shelving)   Yes, we did pull out the blow up skeleton and Halloween window clings once per year, but that was the extent of our theme decor.

And so, we must embrace and love the decorations associated with Fall in our home.

And, to complete the Fall decorating bonanza...I have now informed Jeremy that I want to take the logs that are currently adoring our fireplace, out, and replace them with a ton of pumpkins. He does not argue with me on these ideas, but rather thinks in his head about how the heck he is going to carry the 100 logs out of the fireplace. Because he knows that after moving 2 logs, I'll be calling for help.

All in the name of season related decorating.

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Rachel Rosen said...

Warning! Storing a pumpkin in your living room will most likely result in a rotten soupy mess on your living room floor.

I learned this lesson the hard way one year. I have some very large very hungry squirrels in my yard who kept eating my pumpkins so I put them in my kitchen.... big mistake, big mistake....gross....