Friday, September 2, 2011

Groupon, woops

So I needed a new pair of running shoes. There was a Groupon for Sports Authority. Sweet. I purchased the Groupon, they were sure to have my shoes.

Yesterday over lunch, I drove to the store to pick up the shoes. I always wear the same running shoes, so I just found the sales person, said I need the XYZ shoes, and sent him off to get them for me.

Sales guy walks into the back room to get my shoes, and then I realize that I am at Dick's Sporting Goods, not Sports Authority.

I have a mild panic attack, as I do. Thinking to myself, "what am I supposed to do, take the exact shoes and size I requested and say, no these, just are not quite right...even though they are exactly what I requested?!?!?!"  I consider just leaving quickly. But decide that looks sketchy. I consider saying I wanted a different color, but that is a dumb excuse.

And so, I paced the store, waiting for what felt like 3 hours for the guy to return with my shoes. (Yes, I recognize that normal people would have just left the store)

The guy returns, empty handed. Seriously, someone was looking down on my neurotic self at this moment.
"I'm sorry, we are all out of that size" He tells me
"NO PROBLEM, that's great! I mean...uh, sorry to hear that, gotta go" I respond
The guy looks at me, totally confused, and I run out the door. Literally run out the door.

Really Kara? Sometimes my awkwardness amazes even myself.

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Rachel Rosen said...

Classic! :-)