Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New favorite obession...

I am about to introduce you to something that may change your life. Probably not. But possibly. It will certainly revolutionize your free time. Or not. But it's cool..

So this may be more for the ladies, gents you really might not care. But maybe you do...Jeremy thought it was pretty cool. For about 2 minutes, until he moved on to something else.

So essentially, it is like an e-notebook. Imagine you are cutting out pictures from magazines, and putting it in a notebook for ideas (home design, wedding, clothing etc...) But in this case, you are 'pinning' cool things wherever you see them online.

So, say you are on XYZ home furnishing company and you see a design idea you like --- you "pin it" with a little add on to your browser and then you gather a note book of all of the home ideas you like.

Searching and find a recipe that looks fun, but don't feel like making it tonight? Pin it and you can have a whole board of recipes you like.

And now, my favorite can search other people's pins. See what other people like, follow your friends and see what their taste is like.

I'm obsessed. It's the best. Sign up. Follow me. I don't get Twitter, but Pinterest, now that's my speed.

I apologize in advance for massive amounts of time you will be spending on this website.

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Steph said...

I think I may be joining you- this site is great!