Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Couch calamity. A serendipitous sofa situation.

In case you missed the memo, we moved into our new house last November. Since that time, we have had some sofa drama.
  • We moved into the house with my old sofa which I purchased in college, then moved to my condo, and finally into our house.
  • April: I decided the sofa didn't match the new house...and put it up on craig's list one day to see if it would sell. It sells. Very quickly. I then have to come home and tell husband that I sold the sofa. 
  • April: We have no sofa.
  • That weekend my sister in law and I went shopping and ordered a new sofa. They say it won't arrive for 3 months. Woops. Didn't know couches took so long to arrive.
  • July: New sofa arrives...with a hole in it.
  • Fight with company for many many hours. Finally order replacement sofa.
  • September: Receive a phone call that replacement sofa has arrived, they want to schedule delivery. I give them an earful about how I think this new sofa is wearing terribly and explain that I want to return it. Apparently sofas are not returnable. Didn't know that. Regardless, I got them to take it back. After many more hours of negotiation. To my credit, sofa was wearing terribly. They take sofa with hole away.
  • Early October: We have no sofa.
  • Mid October: After searching high and low for a new one, we walk into Macy's furniture store and literally order the first sofa we see. No lie. First sofa we see. It also happened to meet all of our criteria. We order this sucker so fast that we left and worried we had ordered the wrong pieces. 
  • Late October: New sofa arrives (this one didn't take 3 months..thankfully....dear husband's patience with no sofa would not have held for another 3 months). The delivery people unwrap the sofa, and I clearly make a face that looks aghast. The delivery man, while holding my sofa in the air, turns to me and says: "Lady, is something wrong?"   "Uh,, nothing is wrong sir, just keep going" I say out of complete sofa exhaustion, and then run to my phone. 
          I was fairly certain that the sofa we ordered was dark chocolate brown. New sofa comes in the door in a light taupe color. This does not appear to be the sofa we ordered. But, I quickly convince myself that unless the thing is purple and pink, we are keeping it. Husband is in a meeting, which leaves me to stand there, panicking, not sure what to do. You would have seriously thought I had just witnessed a crime with the amount of panic on my face.

The delivery men complete the job and then ask me if everything is okay once again. I think in my head, "Speak now or forever hold your piece girl. This is your chance. But, you better be pretty certain that you are right, and this is in fact the wrong color, rather than just another ADD moment."  And so, I say nothing is wrong, paralyzed by fear of being sofa-less once again.

And so they leave. And I finally get a hold of husband. And we look up the order. Yes, in fact this is the color we ordered. We were so couch-less-ly-depressed that we ordered the wrong color. Which turns out, is really a much better color than the one we thought we were ordering.

A serendipitous sofa situation.


Kristin said...

it looks great!!! i love the yellow rug!

Mel said...

Isn't couch shopping fun?!?! I must have gone into 20 furniture stores before settling on one. And I do really mean settling. I've had thoughts of buyers remorse too. Love the couch you got - it looks like it fits perfectly into your great room.

Kara Frank said...

It is really hard to do --- I can't explain how much time it took us to find a dumb couch. Now we just need to pull the room together.

Jessi | Minnesota Mrs. said...

Seems like everything happens for a reason, this looks awesome! We are actually on the lookout for a sectional right now. Haven't checked into Macys though, might need to do that!

Kara Frank said...

Thank you!
I normally hate Macy's...the regular store totally infuriates me...but their furniture store is totally different. They have great stuff.

Next guys are going to have to help me finish this room off. I need my blog readers as my interior design support group.