Monday, October 24, 2011

Jeremy and Kara, master gardeners

This past weekend we spent some time planting flower bulbs so in the Spring we would have beautiful flowers popping up! We were discussing how much we've learned about plants and landscaping over the past few months. Marveling at ourselves, two, totally inept people, who have really made this house look good! It's true. We're pretty talented. So talented that we can now dig holes for flower bulbs with ease. I're all impressed with our mad skills.

We have almost lived in our house for one year now and we have had a few trials and tribulations in this, the first year of home ownership. I thought I would do a little update on the status of our yard, since well, it has been a bit of a disaster/surprise/disgusting mess/fun project/backbreaking/excellent use of ever swear word in the book.

As I have mentioned, we renovated our house before we moved in. And by renovate, I mean keep a small corner of the house, and gut everything else.
Exactally 1 year ago today, our house looked like this:
Yup, a giant pile of dirt. And then winter arrived, and thankfully, covered up the dirt. The snow gave us 6 months to think about what to do about the dirt pile shown above. If you have grass, and don't appreciate it, make today lawn appreciation day.

So winter arrived in a hurry, covered our yard. Around Christmas time we adopted this guy. He is not related to this blog post about our yard, but he's cute.

And before we knew it, the snow started melting and we found that yard was sinking. We had neither grass, nor pavers, nor snow, and the pooches had nowhere to poo. And so, as referenced in this blog post:, we decided to make an ill fated trip to Home Depot to solve our sinking problem. (note the insulation TAPED to the top of our car)

Winter ended...and we were left with this...
Pretty, eh?!

So we decided to start from scratch and re-grade the entire front and back yard. Leaving us with ZERO grass.
And now, today, almost a year after moving into our house. 10 months after adopting the little guy. 6 months after taping a giant piece of insulation to the top of our car to attempt to create a solid surface on which to stand. 4 months after saying screw it, and re-grading our entire yard....

We have grass. And how beautiful it is. Lawn appreciation day. Each blade planted with seed. Most of which were planted by us. Turns out grass is pretty essential.

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Scorpicon said...

Congrats! Nice job on making a lawn! I bet next year it'll be even better to romp around on. :-)