Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time to renovate

We've lived in our house for 11 months. It was 99% new 11 months ago. It's clearly time to renovate.
I don't like the flooring in our "dog room". We choose VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) for that area as it was cost effective and easy to clean. It was reasonably decent looking and I thought it would be a practical choice. However, after 11 months of rolling out the dog food dispenser, dogs jumping around etc...the VCT was scratched beyond repair and looked pretty bad. (in my opinion)  I never really liked the stuff, but it seemed to work at the time.

And...I really want to learn how to tile.

And these guys need new flooring.
So, a friend of mine is quite handy and offered to teach me how to tile. We could remove the flooring and tile the room. It would then be a new, more durable surface, and I could learn how to do it at the same time. Wooo hoo.

Husband finds this less exciting. We have spent the last week scraping up the VCT with one of these suckers...

It's sort-of like a massive, heavy, super violent looking, ice chipper. And this room is about 4 feet by 4 feet. And so, we are trapped in a tiny room, scraping up 11 month old flooring.
Have I mentioned I have an extremely patient husband?
Many bumps, bruises, sore arms, and shoes permanently ruined with leftover, extraordinarily sticky, VCT adhesive later...we are ready to tile!  (Below see the room with half the flooring removed)

"How to Tile 101" lessons with Brian begin Friday afternoon. I'm pretty excited. More excited than one person should be about tiling a floor. 

I know you're all so excited to see the finished product...but you have to wait for next week!!! Hold on to your seats. It's going to be exciting!

On an even better note...I have never been more excited for any technological reveal than the iPhone 4Gs, which was announced yesterday. My 3 year old, smashed-screen, non-functioning voice-mail, can't access Facebook in less than 6 minutes, phone calls may or may not come in, iPhone is so excited to take a trip to the garbage can. Prepare for much more beautiful blog photos with the new 8 megapixel camera on this puppy. Can't wait!

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