Friday, October 14, 2011


The big reveal...our new tile floors! I'm really pleased with the result. They are beautiful, and a much better fit than the former VCT. They flow nicely from the wood floors into this 'dog area' and is a much more permanent finish.

We have Brazilian walnut hardwood floors throughout our house, so we selected this dark, brow tile to blend and not stand out. We didn't want a statement floor, we just wanted something that meshed well with the hardwood. Success!

(and note to other first time tilers out there...steel wool. It's the trick to tiling cleanup. We learned that on day #2)

And as an update to this blog post of our fall decor. I'm particularly pleased with the stuffed, dressed turkey pilgrim.

 This one is not so much fall...but it's new.


Rachel Rosen said...

Love it all, nicely done lady! Especially love The Frank family in pumpkin form, brilliant!

Mel said...

Love the tile. Great job!

Debra Fiterman said...

Yes...the Frank Pumpkin family is the best. When I saw the orange pumpkins with the white one outside, I immediately thought...where is Stan?? That is when I went inside and saw the most perfect Stan pumpkin ever. Thus the Frank Family of Pumpkins was born. LOVE!