Friday, November 18, 2011

Email from my mom

My mom and I were emailing back and forth about a blanket we were purchasing for a family member who recently had a baby. The subject of this email was, "Blanket". After several emails back and forth, I receive this email from my mom:

I have to say that each time I saw the subject blanket, I thought it sounded familiar.  The other night I watched a little of OWN (the Oprah network) where Oprah interviewed Michael Jackson's children with his parents whom they live with.  There is a son whose name is Blanket.  He looks like about 14 or so.  He has longish hair and seems on something but don't quote me. 

Funny name.
Love, me

I love my mom. Seriously. People wonder where I get my random-ness from...this lady. Hilarious. Funniest and most random email I have ever received. This email goes in my "save forever and ever" folder.

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