Monday, November 28, 2011

Fun with frames

Men, you may not be interested in this one. Perhaps you are. Jeremy thought it was pretty cool. In a more than slightly uninterested until it was hanging on the wall, kind of way.

I have been looking for a way to hang my 'fashion necklaces'. Not the nice ones, I have a jewlery box for that, but the big fun ones, that get jammed into the jewlery box and make everything a tangled mess. I found something for sale that was pretty cool, and then decided to make one myself. Since I had luck with the travel photo project (, I thought I would try again.

I bought an old, solid wood, antique frame (from one of my favorite stores... I sanded it and then painted it white. I added a nail to each side to ensure it was stable as it was certainly not new.

And then I framed my dog. Because he's handsome. And deserves to be in a frame.
I marked of places for the jewelry hooks at 1 inch increments inside the frame....
And then asked my dad to drill small holes on those lines so I could put in my cup hooks (purchased at Target). Thanks Dad!

One by one, I screwed all of the cup hooks into the pre-drilled holes, with my hands. Very easy. A child could do this part.
Put two nails into the wall, align with the picture hanger on the back and...voila!
Lovely, organized necklaces that actually look really pretty on the wall instead of a jumbled mess in a box.


Heather said...


Jessi | Minnesota Mrs. said...

You are so crafty!!! Nice work girl :)

Mel said...

That looks great. I use a belt hanger (, but your idea is WAY cuter. PS - I still haven't completed the "Travel Photo" project from back in July...we'll see if I ever get pics back to you! :)