Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Furniture Shopping

While driving near my office today, I was parked at a stoplight. I looked to my left, gazed at traffic. I blinked. Opened my eyes, blinked again. This was the definition of, cannot believe my eyes.
Yes, this man apparently decided that a scooter is the appropriate vehicle for furniture shopping. I could not make this up. Thankfully the light was red for long enough that I could snap this photo on my phone, or you would never believe me. Yes, he was carrying a chair, on his scooter. Driving down a major street.

Really sir? They couldn't hold your chair until you could pick it up in a more suitable vehicle? That really seemed like a good idea to you? At the very least it should have been a darn cool chair to pull a maneuver like that. It was not.

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