Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving thanks

There are days when you feel really annoyed with life, and things going on it, and feel less than thankful. And I would be a total liar if I said that I just put on a happy face and remember how grateful I should be. No, I mope, and complain, and wallow. And then, eventually, the people around me bring me back up to a feeling of gratitude.

Case in point: Really crappy week last week. Just some drama. I was an unhappy person. Friends called with sympathy and said...let's get ice cream. Time to bring you out of the aforementioned crappy mood. And as it turns out, ice cream solves a lot of problems. Or maybe it's the people who drag you to the ice cream.

And for this, and others like them in my life, I am so grateful and thankful for my friends.

You know what else I am thankful for??

The perfect chair.

Yes, the perfect chair.

I have been trying to 'complete' my family room at home. We had this amazing chair that I absolutely adore in the room. I swear, if fire struck our house I would leave all other possessions in favor of this chair...
It's my Room and Board Pierre chair. And, I love it with all my heart.

However, as hard as I tried, it just didn't fit in our family room. And there was no space in our bedroom. Until I found this baby....
This lovely chair was discovered at Crate and Barrel. A floor sample marked 70% off because they wanted to bring in a new style. I was in 'chair love' again. I saw the chair in the store and had an 'aha' moment.

My cow chair should go in the living room, the zig zag chair in the family room. And life will be good. And I will be grateful for chairs. For the perfect chairs.
Here she is. The new chair. And the cow chair looks awesome in the living room. Meant to be. Living in chair bliss. And the husband is living in bliss because I am no longer driving him nuts about how the room is not 'pulled together'.

So I am grateful for friends. And chairs.


Rachel Rosen said...

I'm grateful for friends who spend countless hours pouring over internet vacation deals, texting back and forth, and conference calling in order to book what I know is going to be an AMAZING vacation!

I LOVE you two so much! And am beyond grateful to have you both in my life :-)

Mel said...

Love the chair! So glad the room has "come together". Your crappy week last week...my crappy week this week. I'm grateful for friends that have blogs that allow me to escape my life every now and then. :)