Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rusty Horseshoe

So I bought a rusty horseshoe, and had big plans for it's future.

I brought it home in grocery bag, because that is what they gave me.

I scrubbed my lovely horseshoe to remove excess rust. Clearly you only want cool rust, not gross rust. So I scrubbed and scrubbed....
And waited for it to dry. All to the confusion of my husband. Wondering why I was scrubbing an old horseshoe.
I let it dry for a day, and once dry, skeptical husband asked: "If this was for sale at Anthroplogie, how much do you think they would charge?"  Clearly, he was turning a corner. Understanding the cool-ness of my rusty horseshoe.

I took the horseshoe downstairs to my photo wall. Adorned with photos of our favorite people in life. There was a prefect spot, awaiting my rusty horseshoe.
Note the smiling husband in the mirror. Clearly he is now on board with the rusty horseshoe concept. And has decided it would retail for $32 at Anthroplogie.


Heather said...

I, the random internet commenter, love it in that location, but I'm a bit worried because it's bad luck to hang a horseshoe with the ends pointing down. Only if those things matter to you, though. All in all I think it looks great!

Kara Frank said...

Is that true!??!? Should I flip it!? I did not know that! Thank you random internet commenter!

p.s. the crazy person in me is kindof thinking I should run home now and flip it.

Heather said...

Wikipedia says that with the ends facing up, good luck collects in the bowl for you to share. With the ends facing down, the luck falls out and dissipates. I'm sure you'll be fine for today :-P

Kara Frank said...

Thank you Heather!! I will be flipping it tonight! I would like luck to collect, not fall out. :-)

Katie said...

I was going to say - you need to turn that horseshoe the other way. It's meant to face up like a U to 'capture' your luck

Get on that Frank!