Tuesday, November 15, 2011

World's Best Egg Sandwich

4 weeks ago Jeremy and I were driving around. Hungry. That is never a good thing. When I am hungry, look out. At the time, I wanted soup. We were driving around in the Minneapolis/Edina area, and stumbled upon the Franklin Street Bakery's new location in Edina.

They had a sign outside that said, "Bakery, lunch". Sounded like a place with good soup. And at the very least, good cookies, so it was worth a shot.

We walked in, and asked what kind of soup they had. Unfortunately, they did not have soup that day. But I was too hungry to leave and go elsewhere, so I stared aimlessly at the wall and saw the following sign.
Now, my mood is not stellar when I am hungry, and so I said, "I guess I'll have the World's Best Egg Sandwich" in a very sarchastic and snotty tone. I stood there, angry and pissed that they didn't have soup. And proceeded to joke with Jeremy about the "World's Best Egg Sandwich" that we were about to eat.

I mean, that is quite the claim. World's best anything. And honestly, at $3.00, I was prepared to have a good laugh over this thing.

We sit down, and 5 minutes later our World's Best Egg Sandwiches arrive. We chuckle, continuing to laugh about this claim. We simultaneously take a bite of our sandwiches, and it was as though the world hit the pause button and birds started to sing. I think I actually shed a tear. A tear of pure bliss.

Turns out, this really is the World's Best Egg Sandwich. No lie. In all the world. You may shed a food joy tear too. It is the most delicious, amazing, egg sandwich you will ever eat. Go now. Get one. Bring Kleenex for the potential food joy tears.

The only downside, they have the smallest water cups in the whole wide world. So the sign should really say, World's Best Egg Sandwich, and World's Smallest Water Cups.
 I am in love with an egg sandwich. We have now gone every single weekend. And every time, it is as good as I remember. It was not a love developed out of pure starvation. It is a true and honest love. A love of an egg sandwich. Go now. Eat one. Thank me later.

Franklin Street Bakery
3904 Sunnyside Road
Edina, MN 55424


Scorpicon said...

I love that it's on Sunnyside Road. :-) I think D and I need to head there and eat us some delicious egg sandwiches.

Kara Frank said...

GO TODAY! I'm serious. It's amazing.