Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in review...Top 10

2011 has been a wonderful year! As we approach 2012 I thought I would recap a few exciting things that happened in our family this past year...

1. In early 2011 we adopted our youngest child, Stanley Benjamin Frank.

It has been a great joy to see Stanley grow, and grow...and grow. He has turned from a scared little 3 pound puppy who could not climb the stairs (, into a big, chubby, adorable, sweet, hilarious dog who keeps us laughing each day.
He has made the world's best playmate for his sister, our first love, Punky Lynn Frank. We cannot remember life before Punk and Stan.
2. We moved into our newly renovated house, and turned it into a home. Here are some photos of this fine specimen of a 'house' before/during construction...

3. We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.
My mom thoughtfully got us this chocolate brown cake that says "Happy #2"
She thought nothing of the saying until I opened up the box and laughed so hard I spit all over the cake.

4. Stacy and I traveled to Colorado for a spontaneous trip. Just because. And had a blast.

5. We traveled to Napa Valley, California with 6 of our closest friends for a trip of a lifetime.

6. We vacationed in Aruba. We relaxed, swam, and plotted our futures.

7. My cousin Jen got married!

8. Jeremy rode a horse.

9. We learned how to landscape our yard. We did not love this task of 2011.
 10. My mom, sister and I traveled to Chicago to fulfill a my lifelong dream to see, THE OPRAH SHOW! Absolutely a dream come true.
2011...a great year!

Here's to another year of amazing friends, awesome blog readers, an incredible family. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year.
Be safe.
Don't drink and drive.
Wear sunscreen if you're on vacation.
Give your kids/dogs/spouse/friends a extra hug just because.
Don't steal an orange from a random tree, you could be arrested.

All my love,

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