Friday, December 16, 2011

Great gift

Every year the company I work for does a "White Elephant" gift exchange. Essentially, you bring in something you have that is...worthless, hilarious, ugly, funny, dumb etc...wrap it up, and then we play a dice game and trade gifts.

Yesterday morning I was feaverishly searching our house for something to bring as my White Elephant gift. I asked Jeremy if he had anything I could bring as my White Elephant gift.

He looked at me. Ran into the closet, searched around a bit, and then came out with a blue candle in hand.

"Here, take this, it smells terrible" He stated proudly, holding up his find.

I looked at him. Silent. And then said, "Jeremy, I gave that to you for your birthday."

Pure silence entered the room, and was only interrupted by the scared sound of Jeremy stammering saying, "Uh, uh, I've got to go to work now". And he runs out the door.

Thanks for the lovely White Elephant gift.

(Though I do have to admit, it did smell kind-of terrible)


Scorpicon said...

I'll be giggling about this for a while. Love you guys!

Rachel Rosen said...

Next time you need a white elephant gift let me know, we tons of ridiculous crap in our house...sad but true....