Monday, December 19, 2011

Pet Peeves

 (I don't know who this lady is, but she was on the phone, and wearing an awesome Mumu so she made for a good graphic)

I get a lot of voice mails everyday at work. Voice mails from all kinds of people. However, there is one thing the same, for 99% of people who call me, no matter the purpose of the call. It is what I call...the voice mail formula.

It starts with...

Step #1: Hi Kara this is XYZ person from PDQ Company.

Step #2: I am calling about blah blah blah blah.
At this point the caller usually goes on for an unecssarily long time about the subject of their call. They go into great detail about something I probably don't need to know. And they tell me what color socks they are wearing, what they had for dinner last night, and the name of their cat at age 6, talking at a pace so slow you can hear turtles flying by you.

And it comes...the point of my lifelong frustration....
Step #3: Please call me back at 123456789952418. Phone number spoken in such a fast tone you would think it was the disclaimer at the end of an advertisement for a new medication. And then they don't repeat it.

So you spoke really slow thinking that I was going to write down every word you said...but then you spit your number out so fast that I can no longer call you back because I don't know your number. Makes complete sense.

I need a vacation.


Robyn said...

That is one of my Pet Peeves too. The guy I worked for in college drilled this into my head “say the area code, take a breath, say the first three numbers take a breath say the last four numbers”. I haven’t worked for Bill in over ten years and I can still hear him in my head when I leave a phone for someone that’s how much he screamed it at me.

Rachel Rosen said...

12 Days......

ps. its currently 75 degrees in San Juan :-)

C Bott said...

OMG! I hate this. I repeat at least 2x and do it slowly. I've been unable to return calls b/c I can't get the phone number, then they call back and ask why I didn't return the call. I've told many a person, well you rattled it off like it was about to blow up, so you don't get a call back. :) sorry, have better phone etiquette!