Thursday, December 22, 2011

A tale of 4 hams

As previously mentioned, I am Jewish. I don't keep strict kosher, or really kosher at all, but I don't eat ham. Bacon? Yes, because it is delicious. Ham? No. Seems wrong. Ya know, bacon's cool because it's deliciousness outweighs it's non-kosher-ness. But ham, it's not even good.

Now, my friend Greta, over at "A New Type of Nesting" ( blogged about a really awesome gift that she got from a vendor at work. A whiskey sampler kit. Now I don't drink whiskey either, but I would think that was cool. And I would pretend that I drink whiskey. Really...I would probably re-gift it to my brother-in-law or something, but regardless, cool idea.

I too get a lot of vendor gifts at work. Really thoughtful things that people spend a lot of money on. And this year, there has been a particular trend in vendor gift giving that I am less than excited about. Hams. Yes, the aforementioned not-so-deliscious and definetly-not-so-kosher, HAM.

These suckers must be expensive too! They're huge.

To date, I have recieved 4 of them. 4 gigantic hams.

1 ham arrived at my house and was received by my dog walker who called to alert me that, "A giant ham has arrived at your doorstep". I promptly asked her to take it home with her.

As the days passed, so too did the hams. Another given to a coworker to share with her family for Christmas. A gift certificate, specifically for a "7 pound ham" at Honebaked Ham, given to a another coworker.
And finally, just now, the 4th ham arrived and I stood there, shocked, not sure who should receive my ham next. Do you want a ham?

Thank you thoughtful vendors for the kind gift of a ham. I am Jewish. And that is really just an excuse to say that I don't eat ham because I think it's kind-of gross. But in the future, turkey would be great. Or just donate a ham in my honor to the food shelf. I will be happy to know that others are enjoying their ham. While I enjoy my Chinese food.


Unknown said...

I'll take your HAM! I love it! Yes Jewish and Love and Eat Ham...never made one but my mom has so I'd have her make it for me. You're really missing out.

Mel said...

I'm so glad to hear that you will make an exception for bacon...I've always wondered how some could live without it!