Friday, January 27, 2012

Stanley Benjamin Frank

Our 1 year old is ridiculous.

The strangest dog in the world.

As mentioned previously, Stan insists on bringing a toy with him whenever he goes out to the bathroom.  (

He will not walk out the door without a toy in his mouth.

This dog will literally see me open to door to the potty area, look at me, run clear across the house to find a toy, and then run back to the door and outside.

I'm sick of fighting with him, so I let him do it.

Until now.

He brought his very favorite toy outside, his keys.
He dropped them right by the door and started circling.
I was worried, he was circling right around the keys.
I started screaming, "Nooooo....don't pee on your keys...."

And he did it.
Peed right on his keys.

This is the face of the naughty dog after he peed on his keys.
Jeremy was not home when this occured.

So I sent him a text message. "Stan peed on his keys. I put them in the dishwasher."

Let's just say I got a call from him pretty quickly after that text message that went something like this:

They've since been thrown away.

Grocery Shopping

I hate grocery shopping when I need groceries.

I love grocery stores. But I just like to wander, and look at new products, perhaps buy 1 or 2 things.

But send me to a grocery store to buy groceries for the week? I will literally leave with nothing but apples and bananas.

However, this past weekend, I was busy on Sunday and Jeremy was available. Therefore, he did the grocery shopping on his own. We have been together for 6 years, and married for almost 3 years. In those 6 years, I don't think he has ever done the grocery shopping entirely on his own.

I was a bit concerned, as my only experience in solo male grocery shopping is my Dad.
My Dad will go to the store, and when asked to buy chicken breasts, will buy 1 of every type of apple in the store.

Thus, I was concerned.

However, given my absolute hatred for grocery shopping, I was also thrilled.

So I left for my meeting, and he left for the grocery store.

I arrived home from my meeting, opened up the fridge, and saw the following.
It looked like the biggest grapefruit you have ever seen. But green. Or, a really light colored, gigantic lime.

Turns out, it was a pomelo (

And more importantly, it turns out that Jeremy is an excellent solo male grocery shopper. The fridge was stocked with veggies, fruit, fish and meat. I have never felt such joy as seeing a fully stocked fridge, that I did not have to stock myself.

We have found a new division of labor in the Frank household. He shops. I cook. I will literally make anything he buys if it means I do not have to do the grocery shopping.

I call it modern teamwork. Back in the day, he would have gone out hunting, and brought back food for his woman to cook.
Now that it's 2012 and not 1812, I still prefer this division of labor.
Bringing on the hunting.
Or Whole Foods shopping.
Anything that gets me out of grocery shopping.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

Here's something that I struggle with...decorating behind a bed. I find it really hard to find something that fits, is centered on the wall, and looks substantial. 

In our condo, we did this amazing slate tile wall behind our bed. I loved it. 

But then we moved. 

And I was stuck with the same problem again.

We left this area undecorated for about 6 months. 

And then I decided to make my own art (mostly to buy myself some time to decide what to do). 

I made a few watercolor paintings (, which looked somewhat reasonable, until I finally decided I needed something else.

I looked into wallpapering that wall. There are some amazing wallpapers on the market now. Look at You will be glued for hours looking at the amazing wallpaper selections.
But, in the interest of indecisiveness, I found this $35 mirror at Home Goods. The greatest store on earth. It's like a corrugated metal, modern star burst type situation.

I excitedly purchased it, thinking it might work.

And then I left it sitting on the floor of the bedroom for approximately 1 month, deciding what to do. You would have thought I was deciding the fate of the universe or something. 
I would stand there. 
Look at the mirror, hold it up to the wall. 
Put it down. 
Move wallpaper samples around. 
Consider a 3rd paint color. (yes, in the 1 year that we've lived in the house, I've already re-painted this room)
Consider different art. 
Consider moving into the guest bedroom because that room is already complete so I don't have to stress about decor.

And happened. Jeremy looked at me and said, "I'm hanging the mirror". 

Now I knew he was really sick of seeing it sit on the floor, because he is not a fan of hanging anything. 
Recall this incident...

And he hung the mirror. And I love it. It is perfect.

For this week. Until I decide to wallpaper in 6 months. :-)

Friday, January 20, 2012


I hate New Year's resolutions. They really annoy me. Why wait for the new year? Just resolve to do it now. However, in the spirit of embracing tradition, last year I set a lofty resolution for myself and I'm proud to say that I stuck to it. For an entire year, I was conscious of my resolution, and I carried out my mission.

What was my New Year's resolution for 2011?
Enter more contests.

Yes, I decided that 2011 was the year of entering more contests, giveaways, and drawings. A pretty lofty goal if I do say so myself. If I'm being really honest, I set this goal because on my way to my New Year's party last year, I found out that I won an iPad from this silly contest that I entered. It was incredible. It took 2 seconds of my time, and I had no idea what made me enter it. But I won! And therefore my resolution.

Now, with that behind me, I decided I should make another one for 2012. I went though a couple of resolution ideas in my head...
  • Spend more time petting my dogs. Just sitting down and petting them.
  • Sleep in late. Seems easy to most, but to me, not so much. My brain gets full of all of the things I "need" to do.
  • Get take-out once in a while. I normally hate take-out. It seems like a failure. A failure of making dinner. For whatever reason, going out to eat does not seem this way at all, but getting takeout seems like a cop out. But sometimes, you just need to chill, and get takeout.
  • Sometimes, once in a while, try doing just 1 activity at a time. (i.e. when watching TV, put down the magazine, cell phone, vacuum, book and just watch TV)
I looked back, and noticed a trend. These resolutions all lead to one common thread, slow down.

And then...while in the car just about an hour ago, listening to my dorky obsession, "Science Friday" on MPR, I heard a teaser for the next segment. The segment was going to be a guy who wrote a book about Mindfulness and Meditation.

They discussed how mindfulness leads to .....well this is where the story gets a bit grey.

While listening to the radio and driving, and trying to hear what they were saying about mindfulness, I zoned out, and started making a list of things I wanted to do this weekend, what I want to pack for an upcoming trip, and what I needed to do when I got to my office.

So, while trying to hear the piece on mindfulness, my mind drifted away and I failed to hear how to become mindful. What's a girl to do.

I want to learn to be mindful, but missed the segment on it. Woops.

I don't like New Year's resolutions anyways.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Having just returned from a cruise about a week and a half ago, I've been thinking a lot about this tragic cruise ship accident that occurred this week.

I have been thinking about how thankful I am that so many people got out alive. I have been glued to coverage of the missing Minnesotans that were aboard the ship, and thinking about them and their families.

Selfishly, I have also been thinking how thankful I was that we had already taken our cruise, or my risk-averse husband would have surely cancelled the trip.

No question.
He would have cancelled it.
And, had we been on the ship at the time of the other ship's crash, he and my mother would have coordinated efforts to have us airlifted off of the ship.
Regardless of the fact that our ship was just fine, and posed no risk.
And that is not a joke.
I know this with absolute certainty.
We would have been airlifted to shore.
This would be the scene:

A helicopter would arrive, we would be waiting on the pool deck, with our bags packed, wearing some type of protective vest (like a reflective life vest sort-of thing).

The helicopter would lower down, close to the pool deck. Our hair would be flying all over the place, as we attempt to wrangle our 4 gigantic suitcases. The helicopter would pluck Jeremy, myself, and our friend Rachel off the ship.

Rachel's husband, Sam, would not have gone. He would have insisted it was safe, and that it was ridiculous to be helicoptered off the ship. And therefore, we would be forced to leave him behind. He would be sitting in a chair, on the pool deck, drinking a Mai Tai and laughing, watching us, hair blowing all over the place, wrangling luggage, trying to escape to safety.

And that night, Jeremy, Rachel and I would have been holed up in a Puerto Rico hotel, thinking how lucky we were to be off of a cruise ship. We would recount our bravery in getting off of our fully afloat ship. So thankful that we wouldn't be at risk of sinking.

Meanwhile, that same evening, Sam would sit down to dinner, at our table set for 4 on the cruise ship. The waiter would look at him quizzically, as his party of 4, had whittled down to 1. He would shrug his shoulders, and proceed to order dinner.

Or at least that is how I envision it would have happened.

I joke, but seriously, I am thinking of those who were on that ship. Thoughts and prayers go out to all of their families. You see something like that happen, and it reminds you to give those you love an extra hug tonight. It could have been any of us on that ship.

Monday, January 16, 2012

McDonald's run

I love McDonald's. Yes, me, the crazy workout girl and healthy eating aficionado, loves McDonald's. But, I do not love them for their Big Mac's, or the Egg McMuffin, not even for a Happy Meal, though I do love fun toys.

Nope, I love McDonald's for their ice cream cones.

I have always loved McDonald's for their ice cream cones. This relationship stretches far into my childhood. Some kids went to fast food places for dinner. We went for the ice cream.

Today, my love is still strong. At least once a week, Jeremy and venture out to McDonald's so that I can get my beloved ice cream cone in a cup....
Yes, I like it flipped over into a cup. I don't know why, I just do. No, I do not order a sundae, because I still want the cone. A small, vanilla, ice cream cone in a cup.

Jeremy and I have been together for 6 years, and married for almost 3 of those years. One of the things he came to realize early on, was that he would have to learn to either embrace my love of dessert, particularly ice cream, or move on to another gal. He stuck around. Mostly due to his own insane sweet tooth. And, 6 years ago, my ice cream cone in a cup, joined his Reese's McFlurry.
And so, week after week, we visit McDonald's for our ritual dessert. And every week the exchange is the same:
We pull into the McDonald's Drive through...
Jeremy: What do you want?
Kara: An ice cream cone in a cup.
McDonald's drive through cashier that can never manage to understand what we say: Welcome to McDonald's how can I help you?
Jeremy: We will have one Reese's McFlurry, and one ice cream cone in a cup.
Kara(shouting from the passenger's seat): AND AN XYZ (fill in the blank with some random McDonald's menu that I decide to create...ex: a double cheeseburger with no burger patty and extra mayonnaise, a 96 piece chicken McNugget, Chicken select strips inside of a shamrock shake...)  
Yes, every time we go, I decide to shout out a new menu item. Every time. For the last 6 years.
McDonald's drive through cashier that can never manage to understand what we say: Excuse me? What did you say you want? I can't understand you...
Jeremy: Ugh, nothing, sorry, that's it.
McDonald's drive through cashier that can never manage to understand what we say: Okay, uh, okay. So that's it? Just the ice cream? Confused.
Jeremy: Yes
Jeremy: Yes, that's it...that's all we want. And he quickly drives up to the next window...shushing me, and laughing at the same time.

This time, it backfired on me. We ordered our ice cream, and I decided to shout out that I wanted the new menu item, the Chicken McBites. Well, Jeremy, after 6 years of my antics, wizened up to me and said fine, you're going to get your Chicken McBites this time. And, after I shouted them out, he did not correct the cashier.
And we wound up with these...

And I have to admit...Chicken McBites...delish.

Thankfully, this was not the time that I asked for the McRib with french fries inside the bun too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bad Hair Day

Even dogs have a bad hair day once in a while....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My apologies for my lack of blogging lately. We just returned from a couple of trips but I am now home and back to the land of blogging.

I will not bore you with tales of laying on the beach in 80+ weather because you would all hate me, and certainly would stop reading my blog. Instead, I will share one, favorite tale of the trip, and then move on.

This past week, we took a cruise with some of our closest friends to the Caribbean. One of our ports was St. Kitts.

Jeremy and our friend Rachel planned the excursions for the trip in advance, and on this island, they planned an ATV tour. Recall that I said Jeremy planned and booked these excursions.

We docked in St. Kitts, and it occurs to him that ATV's might be dangerous. He recalls that a friend of his, who works for a cruise line, told him in the past that the ATV adventures are typically the most dangerous. Often, passengers return to the ships with injuries from these outings. Somehow, this did not occur to him during the booking process, rather upon docking at the island.

I convince him that it is a personal ATV, therefore, you can control the safety of the outing. If you want to go slow, go slow, if you want to be reckless, be reckless. That logic worked and convinced him to board the bus to the ATVs.

We arrive, he takes one look at them, and just shakes his head. Rachel and I run for the ATVs, giddy with excitement, and he stands in a corner, arms crossed, eyes in a singular gaze on the vehicles.

He spent several minutes trying to convince me that this was not a safe activity, and I spent several minutes trying to convince him that it was quite safe, and he could go as slow as he wanted. Well, he could go as slow as he wanted, but I would not be riding behind him. 

A very pouty Jeremy climbed aboard his ATV, turned it on, and proceeded to sit drive it approximately 2 miles an hour for the first 10 minutes of this ride. We are all in a line, Rachel, Kara, Jeremy and then a very pouty Sam (due to the lack of speed he is forced to travel due to slow Jeremy). The guide turns around and says, "Switch it into 3rd gear, we're about to climb a huge hill!"

Had he been standing, I believe Jeremy would have passed out at this moment.

Rachel and I quickly shifted into 3rd gear and revved our engines to approach the hill/mountain. We begin to cruise uphill on this rocky terrain, I turn around to glance at my petrified husband and notice a huge smile across his face.

Yes, somewhere between the 2 mile per hour speed, and the mountain he was forced to eclipse, Jeremy found great enjoyment in ATVs. His ATV wallflower ways, turned into a mountain commander, well, maybe more of a hill climber, but regardless. Talk about tackling ones fears head on!

And as we leave, and walk away from our ATV's, Jeremy turns to me and asks, "Do you think maybe we could get one of those for our neighborhood?".

Sure Jer, sure.