Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Having just returned from a cruise about a week and a half ago, I've been thinking a lot about this tragic cruise ship accident that occurred this week.

I have been thinking about how thankful I am that so many people got out alive. I have been glued to coverage of the missing Minnesotans that were aboard the ship, and thinking about them and their families.

Selfishly, I have also been thinking how thankful I was that we had already taken our cruise, or my risk-averse husband would have surely cancelled the trip.

No question.
He would have cancelled it.
And, had we been on the ship at the time of the other ship's crash, he and my mother would have coordinated efforts to have us airlifted off of the ship.
Regardless of the fact that our ship was just fine, and posed no risk.
And that is not a joke.
I know this with absolute certainty.
We would have been airlifted to shore.
This would be the scene:

A helicopter would arrive, we would be waiting on the pool deck, with our bags packed, wearing some type of protective vest (like a reflective life vest sort-of thing).

The helicopter would lower down, close to the pool deck. Our hair would be flying all over the place, as we attempt to wrangle our 4 gigantic suitcases. The helicopter would pluck Jeremy, myself, and our friend Rachel off the ship.

Rachel's husband, Sam, would not have gone. He would have insisted it was safe, and that it was ridiculous to be helicoptered off the ship. And therefore, we would be forced to leave him behind. He would be sitting in a chair, on the pool deck, drinking a Mai Tai and laughing, watching us, hair blowing all over the place, wrangling luggage, trying to escape to safety.

And that night, Jeremy, Rachel and I would have been holed up in a Puerto Rico hotel, thinking how lucky we were to be off of a cruise ship. We would recount our bravery in getting off of our fully afloat ship. So thankful that we wouldn't be at risk of sinking.

Meanwhile, that same evening, Sam would sit down to dinner, at our table set for 4 on the cruise ship. The waiter would look at him quizzically, as his party of 4, had whittled down to 1. He would shrug his shoulders, and proceed to order dinner.

Or at least that is how I envision it would have happened.

I joke, but seriously, I am thinking of those who were on that ship. Thoughts and prayers go out to all of their families. You see something like that happen, and it reminds you to give those you love an extra hug tonight. It could have been any of us on that ship.


Rachel Rosen said...

you so crazy! :-) lol

Sam Rosen said...

I would just hang out with Wirarwin after you guys left.