Friday, January 27, 2012

Grocery Shopping

I hate grocery shopping when I need groceries.

I love grocery stores. But I just like to wander, and look at new products, perhaps buy 1 or 2 things.

But send me to a grocery store to buy groceries for the week? I will literally leave with nothing but apples and bananas.

However, this past weekend, I was busy on Sunday and Jeremy was available. Therefore, he did the grocery shopping on his own. We have been together for 6 years, and married for almost 3 years. In those 6 years, I don't think he has ever done the grocery shopping entirely on his own.

I was a bit concerned, as my only experience in solo male grocery shopping is my Dad.
My Dad will go to the store, and when asked to buy chicken breasts, will buy 1 of every type of apple in the store.

Thus, I was concerned.

However, given my absolute hatred for grocery shopping, I was also thrilled.

So I left for my meeting, and he left for the grocery store.

I arrived home from my meeting, opened up the fridge, and saw the following.
It looked like the biggest grapefruit you have ever seen. But green. Or, a really light colored, gigantic lime.

Turns out, it was a pomelo (

And more importantly, it turns out that Jeremy is an excellent solo male grocery shopper. The fridge was stocked with veggies, fruit, fish and meat. I have never felt such joy as seeing a fully stocked fridge, that I did not have to stock myself.

We have found a new division of labor in the Frank household. He shops. I cook. I will literally make anything he buys if it means I do not have to do the grocery shopping.

I call it modern teamwork. Back in the day, he would have gone out hunting, and brought back food for his woman to cook.
Now that it's 2012 and not 1812, I still prefer this division of labor.
Bringing on the hunting.
Or Whole Foods shopping.
Anything that gets me out of grocery shopping.

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