Monday, January 16, 2012

McDonald's run

I love McDonald's. Yes, me, the crazy workout girl and healthy eating aficionado, loves McDonald's. But, I do not love them for their Big Mac's, or the Egg McMuffin, not even for a Happy Meal, though I do love fun toys.

Nope, I love McDonald's for their ice cream cones.

I have always loved McDonald's for their ice cream cones. This relationship stretches far into my childhood. Some kids went to fast food places for dinner. We went for the ice cream.

Today, my love is still strong. At least once a week, Jeremy and venture out to McDonald's so that I can get my beloved ice cream cone in a cup....
Yes, I like it flipped over into a cup. I don't know why, I just do. No, I do not order a sundae, because I still want the cone. A small, vanilla, ice cream cone in a cup.

Jeremy and I have been together for 6 years, and married for almost 3 of those years. One of the things he came to realize early on, was that he would have to learn to either embrace my love of dessert, particularly ice cream, or move on to another gal. He stuck around. Mostly due to his own insane sweet tooth. And, 6 years ago, my ice cream cone in a cup, joined his Reese's McFlurry.
And so, week after week, we visit McDonald's for our ritual dessert. And every week the exchange is the same:
We pull into the McDonald's Drive through...
Jeremy: What do you want?
Kara: An ice cream cone in a cup.
McDonald's drive through cashier that can never manage to understand what we say: Welcome to McDonald's how can I help you?
Jeremy: We will have one Reese's McFlurry, and one ice cream cone in a cup.
Kara(shouting from the passenger's seat): AND AN XYZ (fill in the blank with some random McDonald's menu that I decide to create...ex: a double cheeseburger with no burger patty and extra mayonnaise, a 96 piece chicken McNugget, Chicken select strips inside of a shamrock shake...)  
Yes, every time we go, I decide to shout out a new menu item. Every time. For the last 6 years.
McDonald's drive through cashier that can never manage to understand what we say: Excuse me? What did you say you want? I can't understand you...
Jeremy: Ugh, nothing, sorry, that's it.
McDonald's drive through cashier that can never manage to understand what we say: Okay, uh, okay. So that's it? Just the ice cream? Confused.
Jeremy: Yes
Jeremy: Yes, that's it...that's all we want. And he quickly drives up to the next window...shushing me, and laughing at the same time.

This time, it backfired on me. We ordered our ice cream, and I decided to shout out that I wanted the new menu item, the Chicken McBites. Well, Jeremy, after 6 years of my antics, wizened up to me and said fine, you're going to get your Chicken McBites this time. And, after I shouted them out, he did not correct the cashier.
And we wound up with these...

And I have to admit...Chicken McBites...delish.

Thankfully, this was not the time that I asked for the McRib with french fries inside the bun too.

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