Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

Here's something that I struggle with...decorating behind a bed. I find it really hard to find something that fits, is centered on the wall, and looks substantial. 

In our condo, we did this amazing slate tile wall behind our bed. I loved it. 

But then we moved. 

And I was stuck with the same problem again.

We left this area undecorated for about 6 months. 

And then I decided to make my own art (mostly to buy myself some time to decide what to do). 

I made a few watercolor paintings (http://www.karafrank.com/2011/04/big-reveal.html), which looked somewhat reasonable, until I finally decided I needed something else.

I looked into wallpapering that wall. There are some amazing wallpapers on the market now. Look at http://www.designyourwall.com. You will be glued for hours looking at the amazing wallpaper selections.
But, in the interest of indecisiveness, I found this $35 mirror at Home Goods. The greatest store on earth. It's like a corrugated metal, modern star burst type situation.

I excitedly purchased it, thinking it might work.

And then I left it sitting on the floor of the bedroom for approximately 1 month, deciding what to do. You would have thought I was deciding the fate of the universe or something. 
I would stand there. 
Look at the mirror, hold it up to the wall. 
Put it down. 
Move wallpaper samples around. 
Consider a 3rd paint color. (yes, in the 1 year that we've lived in the house, I've already re-painted this room)
Consider different art. 
Consider moving into the guest bedroom because that room is already complete so I don't have to stress about decor.

And then...it happened. Jeremy looked at me and said, "I'm hanging the mirror". 

Now I knew he was really sick of seeing it sit on the floor, because he is not a fan of hanging anything. 
Recall this incident...http://www.karafrank.com/2011/01/lesson-learned.html

And he hung the mirror. And I love it. It is perfect.

For this week. Until I decide to wallpaper in 6 months. :-)

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