Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My apologies for my lack of blogging lately. We just returned from a couple of trips but I am now home and back to the land of blogging.

I will not bore you with tales of laying on the beach in 80+ weather because you would all hate me, and certainly would stop reading my blog. Instead, I will share one, favorite tale of the trip, and then move on.

This past week, we took a cruise with some of our closest friends to the Caribbean. One of our ports was St. Kitts.

Jeremy and our friend Rachel planned the excursions for the trip in advance, and on this island, they planned an ATV tour. Recall that I said Jeremy planned and booked these excursions.

We docked in St. Kitts, and it occurs to him that ATV's might be dangerous. He recalls that a friend of his, who works for a cruise line, told him in the past that the ATV adventures are typically the most dangerous. Often, passengers return to the ships with injuries from these outings. Somehow, this did not occur to him during the booking process, rather upon docking at the island.

I convince him that it is a personal ATV, therefore, you can control the safety of the outing. If you want to go slow, go slow, if you want to be reckless, be reckless. That logic worked and convinced him to board the bus to the ATVs.

We arrive, he takes one look at them, and just shakes his head. Rachel and I run for the ATVs, giddy with excitement, and he stands in a corner, arms crossed, eyes in a singular gaze on the vehicles.

He spent several minutes trying to convince me that this was not a safe activity, and I spent several minutes trying to convince him that it was quite safe, and he could go as slow as he wanted. Well, he could go as slow as he wanted, but I would not be riding behind him. 

A very pouty Jeremy climbed aboard his ATV, turned it on, and proceeded to sit drive it approximately 2 miles an hour for the first 10 minutes of this ride. We are all in a line, Rachel, Kara, Jeremy and then a very pouty Sam (due to the lack of speed he is forced to travel due to slow Jeremy). The guide turns around and says, "Switch it into 3rd gear, we're about to climb a huge hill!"

Had he been standing, I believe Jeremy would have passed out at this moment.

Rachel and I quickly shifted into 3rd gear and revved our engines to approach the hill/mountain. We begin to cruise uphill on this rocky terrain, I turn around to glance at my petrified husband and notice a huge smile across his face.

Yes, somewhere between the 2 mile per hour speed, and the mountain he was forced to eclipse, Jeremy found great enjoyment in ATVs. His ATV wallflower ways, turned into a mountain commander, well, maybe more of a hill climber, but regardless. Talk about tackling ones fears head on!

And as we leave, and walk away from our ATV's, Jeremy turns to me and asks, "Do you think maybe we could get one of those for our neighborhood?".

Sure Jer, sure.


Scorpicon said...

Wow, you guys actually had gears! Our ATV experience was more like the old fashioned car course at ValleyFair. Which is to say it was 0-60 in never, with one gear.

Rachel Rosen said...

SO-MUCH-FUN!!! We really do need to get some ATV's to cruise around the GV, that would be amazing!