Thursday, February 16, 2012

Airport Band

As previously mentioned, we traveled to San Diego to visit some friends this past weekend. We had to travel separately as Jeremy was arriving from Toronto, where he had been on business.

I arrived around 8:00pm. Departed the plane. Walked through the San Diego airport in search of the baggage claim. While walking down the hallway, I heard some music. As I got closer, the music was louder and louder. A bit foggy from the plane ride, I assumed that it was just loud music, and that was over-tired.

I approach the baggage claim, and it appears that there is a full band in the baggage claim.

But this would be ridiculous, right? A band, in the baggage claim? What would they sing about? Baggage on a carousel?

But oh yes, it was a real live band. On a stage. With chairs in the audience. And people dancing.

And yes, literally singing songs about baggage on the carousel.

I don't know why they had a band. The baggage carousel is one of the most annoying parts of travel, so it honestly just made me annoyed that I was trying to connect up with Jeremy, but all I could hear was a band. And when I tried explaining to Jeremy that the reason for the noise, was the band in baggage claim...he thought I had lost my mind.

The conversation went something like this:
Kara: I'm at baggage carousel #4
Jeremy: I cannot hear you...what is going on?
Kara: There's a band in the baggage claim.
Jeremy: Excuse me?
Kara: Yes, there's a full band in the baggage claim.
Jeremy: Sure, whatever, really Kara? You're going to tell me that there's a concert going on over there..
Kara: Yes, a concert.
And so I took photos. Because I thought nobody would believe me. There was a band. And dancing audience members. In the baggage claim.

 And...the people in the matching outfits...dancing to the band in the baggage claim.


Hollie said...

Only for you do they have bands in the San Diego airport - I have never seen that. Did you enjoy Horton Plaza?

Kara Frank said...

Really? I thought maybe it was a regular thing! It was pretty hilarious.

Kara Frank said...

And Horton Plaza was great...especially the dog in the mini car!

Debra Fiterman said...

This is why I carry on.