Friday, February 24, 2012

A few favorites from Pinterest

I love Pinterest. I have mentioned this before. I really love it. One of my favorite things are the fun quotes. So I thought I would share a few on here!
I have this fear basically ever day. Paralyzing...what do I wear, who am I going to see. Do I use an 'A team' outfit, or a 'B team outfit'.


Yup. Totally. 

This one happened to me last night. So I didn't go to the store. Way too much work.


And this should basically be the motto for my life. Because all I do is wonder, imagine, obsess and generally freak out.


Randee said...

OMG, the bra thing.soooooooooo me!!!!! And scary on the outfit thing....I "save" shirts for lord knows what...then I'll finally do the "wth, i'll just wear it" and inevitably spill something on it...most likely something that wont' come out.....
oh we are a lot alike my cousin, a lot alike! :)

Robyn said...

I do the same thing with outfits. I can wear that today I am not going to see anyone I am just going to work vs I'll see people after work so I better look nice.