Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa!

I'd like to think my Grandpa (aka Papa) is reading this blog post, but, alas, he never really took to computers. My grandparents bought one once, an Apple IIG. It sat in their laundry room. In the box. For approximately 10 years. Yep, they bought it and never took it out of the box.

However, my adorable, amazing Papa celebrated his 90th birthday this past week, and that deserved a blog post. My Papa has done a lot of amazing things in his 90 years, but there's really just one thing that is most amazing to me and my cousins. It's a little game he invented some 30 years ago.
A game called "Socks".

In my grandparents old house they had this big spiral staircase and on one side of it was a brick wall.
As a visual, it looked kind of like this, but cooler and less creepy...
My grandpa would do the laundry, and he would match his socks up and roll them in a ball like this...
We would take the sock balls out of the laundry basket and throw them at the brick wall behind the spiral staircase.
About 10% of the time the socks would stick to the rough texture of the brick, and stick to the wall.
My Papa would then run up and down the stairs catching the socks that we threw at the wall, some sticking, and causing him to jump and climb until he could get them off of the wall, and others falling to the ground.
He would run up and down the stairs, after our barrage of socks, and we would stand at the top laughing like crazy.

And this would go on for hours. By the time my parents arrived to pick us up, my Papa was literally on the floor with exhaustion from running up and down the stairs in pursuit of sock balls. But he never told us to stop. Nope, he just kept running up and down the stairs after the socks.

Last night we celebrated his 90th birthday, with his favorite thing in the world. Chocolate.
Chocolate cake to be exact.
And gifts of hershey bars, chocolate kisses, chocolate turtles, orange slices, circus peanuts, and other 'Papa favorites'. Yes, he's 90 years old and is still absolutely addicted to sweets. Clearly that runs deep in our blood.

Happy Birthday Papa!!


Scorpicon said...

This is such a great post! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Debra Fiterman said...

Love this! And it's so funny that Sam, you and I ALL had grandparents turn 90 this week. Amazing! Let's hope the genes carry on...

Robyn said...

He is an amazingly wonderful man. Still smiling and cracking jokes at 90. Kara had me show him facebook and I think he got it!! :)

stair step basket said...

Impressed :)