Friday, February 10, 2012

Mixed bag

I was looking though our bathroom drawers last night trying to find something, and I came across something in Jeremy's 1 drawer. Yes, I have 3 drawers, he has 1. Seems fair to me.

His drawer is filled with his everyday bathroom products like, toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, razors, etc...and then this bag. This bag, was located in his 1 bathroom drawer. The 1 drawer that he uses multiple times, every single day.  I pulled the bag out of the drawer to investigate, as I thought I saw some strange things inside.

It was a large ziplock bag filled with the following items:
Yes. You are reading that correctly. 
  • 7 Kippot (In case you don't know what a kippah is: we do not go to Temple often.
  • An 8 year old cell phone. 
  • Expired sinus medication
  • Shoe Polish
I think this blog post speaks for itself. 

So, I will just pose one question that I wonder the most...
1. How did these items wind up in the same bag together?  

When I bag things together there's usually an organization scheme...I'll put all of my office supplies in a bag together, or crafting supplies, or medication. There was clearly a a plan involved in the packing of the aforementioned zip-lock, as there are 7 kippot from various stages of life in this bag (1 from our wedding, one from my sister's wedding, one from his USY trip in high school, one from a friend's wedding). 
It's obviously his, place for kippot. 
Duh, put them in the bag with the old cell phone. 
And the expired Nasonex. 


C Bott said...

Poor Jer! :(

Kara Frank said...

He thought it was hilarious too.