Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shoe love.

I love shoes. I would like to thank the cave men who invented them.

For the vast majority of my life, I purchased shoes solely based on their attractiveness. I paid no mind to their comfort. Comfort was an afterthought.

After hundreds of family vacations where my dad had to stop and find band aids for my blistered feet, and eventually vacations with Jeremy, where he too, had to find bandages for my blistered feet...I gave up.

I decided it was time I considered comfort.

Note I said, considered. Not...selected solely based on comfort. But, I will consider that it should play a role in shoe selection.

And yes, this makes me feel old.

However, this season, a particular shoe is quite popular, and I have fallen in love. It is everything I love in a shoe.
It is preppy.
It is comfortable.
It comes in many different styles and versions of the same comfortable thing.
It comes in Men's and Women's so that Jeremy can enjoy the same shoe bliss that I enjoy.

I think you should go buy them today.

Jeremy has this man version that is Sherpa lined. He has not taken them off since purchase.

Seriously people, how amazing are these?

A Sperry for every outfit. Just a little shoe recommendation. Buy them now. Thank me later.


Jessi | Minnesota Mrs. said...

I LOVE sperrys! The glittered silvery ones are the best :-) so comfy!

Danielle said...

Børn also makes great shoes. I have a pair of purple wedges that I get complimented on every time I wear them (even got a free tea b/c of my "cute shoes"). I can wear them for hours and never get blisters or foot cramps.