Monday, February 20, 2012

Slip and Fall

On Friday, I was touring a building that I manage with an insurance inspector.
The insurance inspector asked the question: Have you had any claims at this building recently?
I replied with great confidence: Why no, absolutely not. We have heated sidewalks, so people can't slip, we have new carpet, so they can't trip inside, it's a very safe building.
Insurance inspector replies: That's great, happy to hear it.

10 minutes later...

We walk outside as the inspection is complete. I had been holding a to-go cup of coffee from Starbucks. I look at the inspector, thank him for his time, and walk towards my car. I walk with confidence, drinking my coffee, pleased at the way the inspection went.

I stroll to my car, and literally, like a scene from a movie, my right leg flies up into the air, my left arm, holding my coffee, goes flying up in the air, and I land, butt first, on the icy parking lot.

Physically unharmed, pride greatly harmed.

I sat there for a moment, coffee seeping towards me. My head darted around, hoping the insurance inspector was far out of sight before my tumble. I scrambled to my feet as fast as any person could possibly stand. And ran. Literally ran, to my car. Jumping in as though I was being chased. And drove away fast.

Smooth, very smooth Kara.

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Unknown said...

Such moments are very embarrassing, it happened with me once i was out with my family and when we were coming out from the shopping mall i slipped and fell on the ground, i couldn't get up on my own as my hip was badly hurt, now i always take my steps carefully specially on wet floors.