Friday, March 16, 2012

Exciting happenings.

Well at least for us. Really exciting. Edge of your seat kind of stuff.

Menard's (a local home improvement superstore) opened near our house.

I know, you're blown away by the excitement.

Menard's, the handyman's hardware store closed near our house just a few months before we moved into our house. They tore it down to build a new, 'fancy' store. We were devastated, as we had nowhere to purchase our picture hangers, hooks, hammers and random useful hardware. Sure, there is a Home Depot a few blocks in the other direction, but we don't like it there nearly as much.

This week...Menard's re-opened. You would think we were excited due to all of the handyman projects that we complete, but if you have read this blog before, you know that is a total fallacy. We like to pretend we can do things, and then we call in the professionals/friends to fix/finish the job.

So, we visited the new Menard's last night because
A. the place is huge and we had to see what was going on inside
B. I love grand openings. Of anything. Even hardware stores.

So we went. And were surprised, and secretly kind-of happy to find that while the store is shiny and new, they have replaced the old outdated signage, with new outdated signage. My personal favorite sign, located at the customer service desk:
"Please wait in line and the folks in customer service are punched in and ready to assist you"

There are a lot of things I loved about that sign.

We did a quick tour of the store. Mostly to see what other people were making/doing in their houses. At one point Jeremy asked me, "Do you think these other people here know how to fix things, or are they just pretending, like we are?". I responded, "Yea, I'm pretty sure they know how to fix things, we are the only ones here to look at the other people who know how to fix things".

It was a thrilling outing. We do lead such exciting lives.

Before we left, we walked through the ever important, toilet aisle, and came across this lovely commode.

Yes, it is a bidet and toilet in one, with musical accompaniment. We saw similar toilets when we were passing through the Tokyo airport, but did not see them making their way to Minnesota any time soon. Wrong. Here they are. At your local Menard's. Musical toilet/bidets. Better grab one fast, they're flying off the shelves.

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Mel said...

So what would a toilet like that set someone back? I could totally see it in your house! :)