Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy #3!

Time flies. I started this blog after Jeremy and I got engaged because it seemed (to me) that there were all of these fun, crazy, exciting, and hopefully, at times, hilarious things happening. I felt like I needed to share them with the world. And honestly, I was working full time, planning a wedding without a planner, or really any assistance (I love my family, but they knew nothing about weddings at the they're experts), raising a puppy, and trying to stay sane.

So, this blog seemed like a good way to share and vent.

I really did not think that 4 years later, I would still be blogging. I really did not think that 4 years later, anyone would be reading. But shockingly, you do! And, I'm grateful!

Last night, we had a little pre-anniversary dinner with my parents and Jer's 'family', Art and Penny. And Debra too.

As you may remember, last year was our 2nd anniversary. And my mom got this cake for us...
Yes, it says, Happy #2. No, she did not think that was gross until I opened up the cake and could not stop laughing. Then she found it hilarious.

So this year, approaching our 3rd anniversary, she made my very favorite cake for us (Betty Crocker Yellow Cake)! This year however, much less hilarious. You only get Happy #2 once in a lifetime.
Personally, I think Happy #3 is still pretty great. 

Three years (well 3 years as of April 4th), and still the best decision I've made thus far.

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Randee said...

such a fun wedding!!!!