Friday, March 23, 2012


I love Target. For many reasons. And if you live in Minnesota, you know that you just cannot wear the color combination red and khaki. It's a no-no. It's a particular no-no, if you plan to wear red and khaki, and then VISIT a Target store.

Or this might happen...

Last night, after literally, months of considering, weighing the pros and cons, and agonizing over the decision, I finally decided to buy an Amazon Kindle. Yes, it took me months to decide if I should make a $90 purchase. That's how I roll.

So we went to Target, all set to buy my Kindle. All electronics are housed under lock and key, so Jeremy found someone to assist us.
He walked up to a young girl wearing a red cardigan and khaki pants and said, "Uh, Could you help us with the Kindles over here?"  
She looked at him, perplexed, and said, "Uh, no, I don't know anything about Kindles."

Jeremy stomped back to me, complaining about the poor service he had just received. I took one look at her and realized the problem. This was just an uninformed Target guest, who did not understand the aforementioned rule. One must never wear red and khaki inside a Target store. Or, without a doubt, you will be asked questions about Kindles/Tide/Swimsuits/Easter decor.

But I still purchased my Kindle. And I love it. Very good $90 purchase. And even better, I have Amazon Prime, so I can 'borrow' books for FREE from the Amazon library! Another fabulous perk is the ability to ship for FREE from Amazon. I have gotten so used to Amazon Prime that when I need socks, I just order them online from Amazon. Shipped to my home for free. Brilliant service.


Scorpicon said...

I loves me some Amazon Prime! Also, I wonder if the girl was from out of town. It really is an unspoken rule that you just don't wear red/khaki to Target.

Robyn said...

I LOVE my Kindle!!!! A certain sister/blogger and aunt bought it for me as a birthday gift because they know me so well!! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't afford a Kindle, so I use the next best thing, the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader ( Perhaps not as enjoyable as holding a Kindle, but at least you can read your books (including my new favorite, the "Caged Flower" series).

May get a cheaper Kindle some day just to see how well I adjust. I'm still hesitant to buy one, since holding a hardcover book is so appealing. But Wallace is apparently only releasing his stuff on Kindle, so no choice. :(