Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I went out to lunch with some lovely ladies from work today. I was wearing a scarf at lunch, and one of them turned to me and said,

"That is such a cute scarf, I love the texture of it. How does it do that?"

I looked down at myself, confused. Perplexed at what was so exciting about my bright pink scarf. And then I realized. This morning I was cold. I dug in our scarf bin and found this one on the very bottom.

It had been sitting there all winter. Crammed in as tight as possible and rolled in a ball.

And thus, extraordinarily wrinkled. And, instead of finding a different one, I said screw it, and put it on regardless.

After several moments of awkwardly staring at my scarf trying to figure out what she meant by, "texture", I said, "Oh!, this?" excitedly, "Those are wrinkles!"  

Wrinkles, they just add texture. I'm going to go with that from now on. It will save me a lot of ironing. 

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Scorpicon said...

I want to believe that's how these kinds of trends start. Somebody was just too lazy to iron out their clothes, and *bam* they start a fashion revolution. Nice job. ;-)