Monday, April 30, 2012


As soon as I started sharing the news that...
There's a bun in the oven...
People started asking me one question...
"Have you had any strange food cravings?"

I think this is the most Hollywood publicized pregnancy symptom, but, in reality, at least for me, in now way the most significant one. These people really should have asked how my intense nausea, insomnia, bloody noses, sore boobs, and gastrointestinal system was doing.

But regardless, they ask about my cravings. 

And my response is that at this time, "I'm ruling OUT foods, much faster than I'm ruling them IN". The list of foods I can't stand to look at include:
1. Broccoli 
2. Chicken in any form
3. Salmon (or the smell of any fish)
4. Saltines

And as far as cravings, I pretty much always have had cravings. My whole life. This doesn't feel much different, except that I've allowed myself to give into more of the cravings. 

So when, at 9:00 at night, I decide that I want a cookie at Perkins, normally I would have talked myself out of it, or MORE likely...Jeremy would have talked me out of it. 
But now, we go to Perkins for the cookie.
And park in the senior citizens parking spot. 
Because this is way past their bedtimes.
And I order a crazy cookie. YES...a crazy cookie. One half sugar, the other half chocolate chip. That is one crazy smart cookie.
But really, honestly, I would have wanted a crazy cookie before the Franklet. The only difference is that now I have an excuse to want a crazy cookie at 9:00pm.

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KRISTIN said...

I love it! I can't eat broccoli either and I LOVE broccoli. I also am having problems with meat in general. And lettuce, lettuce makes me want to puke.