Friday, April 6, 2012

Emails from my mom

And another chapter in the book of "Emails from my mom". This is my personal favorite subject. She writes the best emails.

Email Subject: Bush Puller

This is the name of the guy Auntie uses at her bldgs.
You can tell him you are Esta's niece or my daughter.  He is odd.
Love, me
When I first saw this email come in, I looked at the subject and said, to myself, "Bush Puller?, Bush Puller. Bush Puller?"  

Yes, I repeated this about 5 times, unable to understand what Bush Puller meant. Then it hit me. I had requested the name of a landscaper who could remove some bushes in my back yard. Bush Puller.

Thanks for the name of the odd Bush Puller mom. It made my day!

1 comment:

Rachel Rosen said...

At least she didn't title it Bush Plucker!