Friday, April 27, 2012

Life has changed

First, thank you all for your amazing support! Even from total strangers who read my blog. Your comments put a smile on my face. I am so grateful for every single one of you.

Life has changed since we found out the Franklet was on its way. Not drastically, but in some interesting ways. The drastic changes arrive in late October. For now, we deal with the interesting changes.

1. Protective dogs. Our pups seem to notice that something is up. A whole new level of clingy has set in for our two beloved pups. They must be next to me or on me at all times. Particularly in the mornings. They used to play in our room, chase toys and wrestle while I got ready for work. Now, they sit, on the bathroom floor, watching me. Eyes glued, watching my every move.
When I sit on the couch...they are there. The power of the canine.

2. Food/morning sickness. I still contend that morning sickness is a horrible term for what happens. At least for me. It did not occur solely in the morning, and it was less of a 'sickness' more of an 'illness'. It's more like the worst hangover of your entire life mixed with additional gastrointestinal distress, that does not go away for 5 weeks. I ate macaroni and cheese, white rice, bananas and buttered noodles for about 5 weeks.
While my friends dined on Chinese takeout, I dined on this meal, of apple sauce, bananas and white rice. Yum.

3. No more drinking. This one hasn't been a biggie for me, it was more the cultural stigma of not drinking at social events. I work in an industry that tends to have a lot of Happy Hours, sporting events etc...which involve alcohol. I mastered the art of pulling the bartender to the side and asking him for a "soda water with two limes, and make it look like an alcoholic drink, don't put it in a gigantic glass".
My amazing friends are also thoughtful enough to order fun "mocktails" for me, which make me feel like I'm part of the fun. Turns out I don't really miss the alcohol.

4. Sleep. Jeremy thought I might be the 1 person on Earth who wasn't going to be exhausted in her first trimester. I typically have boundless energy and it's pretty hard for me to slow down. NOT THE CASE. I have never been so exhausted in my entire life. There were multiple days that I almost called my mom or Jeremy to pick me up from work because I was too tired to drive home.

When I was particularly tired, and annoyed that I was tired, my friend Debra would remind me, "Uh, you are making have a reason to be tired". The next time I complained, she would say, "You are making a nose...take a nap!"  True. Turns out making ears will make you tired.

5. Exercise. I am a bit of a workout nut. I LOVE my hot yoga classes. However, no matter how many different doctors and nurses I ask, every single one says, "Absolutely no" to hot yoga. Still, I continue to ask, waiting for someone to say yes. But for now, they all say no.

So I've been taking some maternity yoga classes, which are nice, but they're not the same. I miss Corepower Yoga.

Those are the major changes for now, all welcome changes. (well maybe not the morning sickness, but the rest of them) There have been a few others, which are less blog-appropriate. Like incessant bloody noses. But I didn't think you all wanted to read about those. Wooops, I just made you all read about them.

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KRISTIN said...

I love this so much! My pup has been crazy protective too, at first it was cute now it's just annoying! Is it even possible to be more tired with a newborn as it is to be newly preggo? I CANNOT imagine it!