Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nana the monkey

As I have mentioned before, my dogs, Punky and Stanley have a stuffed monkey toy that they love dearly. It is an old stuffed animal of mine from childhood. They carry it everywhere with them. They take it outside to pee, they set it down next to them when they eat, and this monkey never leaves their side. One of the two pups has it at all times. They love the monkey.

However, the monkey has fallen into a sad state of disrepair. Having a bit of foresight, Jeremy and I knew that it would be a sad day when that monkey was fully destroyed and we had no replacement. We have tried to give them similar but different toys, and they have no interest. They only want their stuffed monkey.

So, I started googling the monkey to see if I could find another, identical monkey.

And this is when I found out the terrible, unfortunate news. Well terrible for us, probably great news for other monkey owners in the world.

The dear, beloved monkey toy, is listed as one of the “Most Expensive Beanie Baby toys in the world”.

Yes, our dear, beloved monkey was worth $4,000. Particularly rare if the monkey, whose official name is Nana the monkey, has a tan tail. Our Nana the monkey has a tan tail.

Our Nana the monkey looks like this…

Eyes scratched out. Tail falling off. Entire stuffed animal filled with dog slobber and who knows what else.
Yes, beloved Nana is the most expensive large beanie baby in the world. Nana tops out at $4,000. And our dogs have destroyed Nana.

Good thing I really love those dogs.

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