Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three Years.

Three Years. 

Three Years since the best day of my life, thus far.

It's both hard to believe it's been Three Years. And hard to believe it hasn't been Ten Years.

I thought I would give you a few highlights of our year.

And shove a few more wedding photos down your throat.

This year was filled with fun adventures, new challenges, and exciting possibilities for the future. 

We were lucky to be able to travel with friends.

 Celebrate holidays in our new home. With our little family.

We were hit by a nasty ice storm the tore apart our 6 month old roof. Challenges.
 Our little Stanley puppy grew to be, not-so-little. And he fell head over heels in love with his sister.

Celebrated weddings for many of our friends...

Worked a little bit. Okay, worked a lot. 

Took random road trips for the best pie in Minnesota.

Watched endless hours of the Kardashians.

Made up songs and sang them to our dogs.

Enjoyed watching our niece and nephew grow into wonderful little people.

Ate our first Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell.

Learned that we hate a game called Settlers of Catan.

Tried to decorate our house.

Tried to grow grass and plants in our yard.

Tried to mow the lawn. That one failed. Hired a lawn mowing service mid-year.

Learned how to tile. Well, to be really honest, I learned how to tile. Jeremy continually reminded me that he would gladly pay for someone else to tile.

Volunteered for the Jeremiah Program. 

It's been a great year. Many more wonderful things to come. Hey 4th year of marriage...bring it on.

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Rachel Rosen said...

Happy #3! Love you guys and love that Sam and I were a part of so many of those fun memories!!

Many many more happy years to come!