Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tree guy mishap

 This is what my husband looks like.

Basically my favorite photo ever.

Those are examples so that you have a picture in your mind for the following story. 

This past weekend I received a phone call from a tree service that I had called to remove some dead trees/bushes (see previous post) in our back yard. I was rushing to get ready for the gym and the tree guy called my cell phone, but I didn't get my phone in time. Moments later our doorbell rang and I was sure it was the tree guy, so I sent husband, Jeremy, to the door to talk to the tree guy.

Doorbell rings....Jeremy answers the door.
Jeremy stares at the man waiting at the door.
Tree Guy (in a very juvenile tone): Hello! Is your mommy home?
Jeremy stares back at him, confused for a moment, and then understanding: Uh, do you mean my wife? Kara?
Tree Guy: Uh, yea, um....let's go look at the trees. 

And the best part? The tree guy was no more than 38 himself. Husband is 30. Tree guy is 38ish. Really?? 


Scorpicon said...

To make it even sillier, the "mommy" in this case is actually younger than the "son". People are apparently terrible at guessing ages.

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