Wednesday, May 9, 2012

4 months

We have reached the 4 month milestone! The baby can now hear and recognize our voices. The "experts" recommend you start singing to the baby to get it used to your voice, and songs you want to sing after it is born. Therein lies the problem.

I can't sing.
Jeremy can't sing.

And when I say "can't sing", I mean actually tone-deaf, hurts to hear, painful sounds come out of our mouths when we try to sing. So last night I told Jeremy that he needed to start singing to the baby. He refused, stating, probably accurately, that the baby would never want to come out if it heard us sing. Baby would be convinced, even before birth, that it's parents were crazy, and beyond their craziness, had the worst voices known to man.

Furthermore, we don't really know songs. Yes, neither of us can sing, and we also can't remember words to songs. So, when we 'sing', we make up the words. Jeremy knows the words to one song, it is one he learned in music class in elementary school. It is literally the only song in which he knows all of the words. The song...Mrs. Jenny Wren. It is some little song they learned in elementary school. It has something to do with a bird having a very fine voice...and on and on.

And me, I'm not much better. If its possible, I'm an even worse singer than him, and I really only know all of the words to one song, and it might be more embarrassing than his song. It's my high school alma matter. of those songs that you sing every week for school meeting, and at convocation every year.

So we don't know any songs, and we can't sing. So this kid is only going to hear two songs, Mrs. Jenny Wren, and my high school theme song. I am concerned.

So we have a new Frank family plan. Learn some kids songs. We plan to download some, and really try to learn them, and sing them well. Perhaps we should take voice lessons. No, I think we're beyond help. But this kid needs to grow up with some music, and I don't think my high school song is the appropriate one.

Baby Franklet, I promise we are going to be good parents. I really promise. It's just that we can't sing. And we can't remember songs. But we have many other quality traits. Singing is just not among them.


Amie said...

Maybe instead of singing you could, demonstrate your customer service skills and talk someone out of a crisis.

I was also thinking-this little tike needs a fair like all critters, you might need to introduce birds-maybe that's the singing you could provide.

Kara Frank said...

It is true...I am excellent at talking someone down from a crisis. Unless it happens to be one involving "Squirrels in a building".

As far as way. But it's remarkable how much kids bedding, clothing etc..has birds on it. No kid of mine is sleeping on bedding with birds on it. No way.

Mel said...

birds and bedding...I think you've found the topic of your next blog post! :)