Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby Gifts

I had dinner with a great friend from college last night who has an amazing talent. Well, she has many talents, but one of her best talents is her ability to find the most perfect gift for anyone, for any occasion.

She is not satisfied with going to Target/Macy's etc... to pick out something practical and boring (like I would do). No, she goes above and beyond to find the most perfect gift ever. Ordering gifts from far and wide. Waiting for months for the perfect item to arrive. She is incredible, that Holly.

And so arrived our first baby gift. Thanks to Holly. Best gift giver ever.
Baby Frank may just be coming home from the hospital in this amazing onesie. I laughed for hours.

Love you Holly Jo, and your ability to give the BEST GIFTS EVER.


Janna said...

Ha! I freaked out when Holly sent me the link to that little onesie, because it was so freaking perfect! Congrats again :)

Robyn said...

Holly rocks!!! That is too funny!!!

Holly Jo said...

Well you are pretty much the sweetest ever. So glad you like it Mama Frank!

Christening Favours said...

Yes God gifted ability that one can choose the correct gift for correct person its really amazing