Friday, May 18, 2012

The difference

I am Jewish. I have mentioned this in the past. I love people of every religion, and I really don't see very many differences. I have Jewish friends, Christian friends, Muslim friends, it really makes no difference to me. However, there is one, very, extremely critical difference.

Food quantity.

Yes, the Jewish people have extreme neurosis regarding the quantity of food served at an event, and I am no exception.

I am thinking about this because I just overheard a conversation in my office that went something like this:

Person A: I'm hosting a graduation party at my house and trying to figure out how much food to order.
Person B: Order less, it's better to run out than have too much.
This is when I have chills running down my spine, and I feel as though my throat is closing in.
Person A: Yes, you are right, we don't want leftovers.

Yes, this is the difference in religions.
My answer to person A would have been: Order 3 times the amount you are intending to order, that is in NO way enough food. You might run out. People might go hungry. There might not be enough food to send everyone home with leftovers. You need a lot more food. What if you...heaven forbid....ran out of food....

We are neurotic about food quantity and the potential of running out of food. Literally, I'm still shaking at the thought that this person might run out of food for their graduation party. I might need to offer to bake so they have enough. I'm not even invited to this party, and yet, I'm still panicking.

P.s. speaking of iPhone app says the baby is the size of a turnip this week (week 17). This is what a turnip looks like. Turnips are big!

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